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    • Leggings

    • A pair of buckskin leggings that belonged to Chipeta. They are decorated with geometric designs in multicolored beadwork.
    • Indians of North America--Arts & crafts--1875-1915.; Leggings--1875-1915.; Ute Indians--Arts & crafts--1875-1915.; Chipeta--Associated objects.
    • [between 1875 and 1915]
    • Streets in Las Vegas, New Mexico

    • Wide dirt roads surround the Plaza in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Large, two-story buildings stand on the outer perimeter of the Plaza. Trees with bare branches stand in the park bordered by a stone wall.
    • Buildings--New Mexico--Las Vegas--1900-1910.; Plazas--New Mexico--Las Vegas--1900-1910.; Roads--New Mexico--Las Vegas--1900-1910.; Trees--New Mexico--Las Vegas--1900-1910.
    • [between 1900 and 1910?]
    • Central City School

    • Students and staff pose in front of the granite Central City school in Central City (Gilpin County), Colorado. Dr. Hale, the principal of the school stands in a hat and suit and has a beard. The school has a flat roof with four chimneys, a...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1870-1880.; School children.; School principals.; Schools.; Students.
    • Portrait of a woman

    • Studio portrait of a woman who looks to the side and tilts her head slightly. She wears a loose bodice with a pleated yoke bordered with lace. Her hair is pulled back loosely.
    • Women--1890-1910.
    • [between 1891 and 1901?]
    • The stage road, view from summit

    • A view of the stage road on Santa Catalina Island (Los Angeles County), California from the summit shows the Pacific Ocean, horses grazing in a pasture and a road bordered by cacti.
    • Santa Catalina Island (Calif.)--1890-1900.; Dirt roads--California--Santa Catalina Island--1890-1900.; Islands--California--Santa Catalina Island--1890-1900.
    • [1899?]
    • Belvedere Hotel

    • The Belvedere Hotel in Montrose, Colorado, features a mansard roof, dormers, a second floor balcony, balustrade, an open front porch, brick walls, and a small yard. The building is on a corner bordered by dirt roads.
    • Montrose (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Hotels--Colorado--Montrose--1890-1900.; Belvedere Hotel (Montrose, Colo.)--1890-1900.
    • [1890?]
    • Bag

    • Native American (Apache) commercial leather bag with blue and white beadwork, lazy stitch, and bordered with tin jinglers.
    • Apache Indians--1880-1900.; Indians of North America--Arts & crafts--1880-1900.; Bags (costume accessories)--1880-1900.; Pouches--1880-1900.
    • [between 1880 and 1900]
    • Entrance to Grand River Canon at Hot Sulphur Spgs.

    • A small house stands at the base of a hillside across from the entrance to a canyon on the Colorado River (formerly the Grand River) near Hot Sulphur Springs. A dirt road bordered on either side by a fence winds near the house. The river flows in...
    • Roads, Earth--Colorado--Hot Sulphur Springs--1900-1920.; Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)--1900-1920.; Hot Sulphur Springs (Colo.)--1900-1920.; Canyons--Colorado--Hot Sulphur Springs--1900-1920.; Houses--Colorado--Hot Sulphur Springs--1900-1920.;...
    • [between 1900 and 1920?]
    • Pouch

    • A tanned leather pouch (Native American Ute) used by Chipeta. The pouch has multicolor lazy stitch beadwork in triangle, diamond and band designs, a flap, strap, thong, sinew and fringe at the bottom.
    • Indians of North America--Arts & crafts--1870-1900.; Ute Indians--Arts & crafts--1870-1900.; Pouches--1870-1900.; Chipeta--Associated objects.
    • [between 1875 and 1900]
    • Pouch

    • Shows a Native American (Ute) buckskin pouch. It features multi-color beadwork in floral patterns, a brass nail at the base, fringe and a strap.
    • Indians of North America--Arts & crafts--1860-1880.; Ute Indians--Arts & crafts--1860-1880.; Pouches--1860-1880.
    • [between 1865 and 1875]
    • High School, Central City

    • The Central City High School, completed in 1870, was one of the oldest permanent High Schools in Colorado. The granite, Italianate building has a flat roof, double-bracketed cornice, tall, narrow windows, a cupola with a bell, wide overhanging...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1880-1900.; Schools--Colorado--Central City--1880-1900.
    • [between 1880 and 1900?]
    • Mercury by Paschal Quackenbush, Teller House, Central City

    • Mercury, who stands on a stone in a darkened arch, holds his torch and is painted in a corner of the Teller House bar in Central City, Colorado. He is wearing a tunic with a sash and holding a lit torch in his left hand. He looks toward the left. A...
    • Teller House (Central City, Colo.)--Facilities--1930-1940.; Central City (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Hotels--Colorado--Central City--1930-1940.; Murals--Colorado--Central City--1930-1940.; Mercury (Roman deity)
    • 1932
    • School of agriculture, Fort Collins, Colo.

    • Academic buildings on the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado, are bordered by sidewalks and landscaping. The tower of Old Main is in the background.
    • Colorado State University--1900-1910.; Fort Collins (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Students--Colorado--Fort Collins--1900-1910.; Universities & colleges--Colorado--Fort Collins--1900- 1910.
    • 1902
    • Bag

    • Shows a Native American (Ute) leather bag that belonged to Chipeta, wife of Chief Ouray. The bag is decorated with blue, lavender, red, yellow, white, silver, pink, green and brown beadwork. The beadwork designs are of arrow, people, triangles,...
    • Indians of North America--Arts & crafts--1900-1930.; Ute Indians--Arts & crafts--1900-1930.; Chipeta--Associated objects.
    • [between 1903 and 1923]
    • Legging

    • Shows a pair of Native American Ute cloth leggings. The leggings are made of red cloth and are decorated with red, white and blue beads and the outside edges are bordered with metal discs.
    • Indians of North America--Clothing & dress--1890-1930.; Leggings--1890-1930.; Ute Indians--Clothing & dress--1890-1930.
    • [between 1890 and 1930?]
    • Palmer Lake

    • View of Palmer Lake, El Paso County, Colorado, shows the Lake bordered by rocks and a spraying fountain in middle of lake.
    • Palmer Lake (Colo.)--1890-1900.; Lakes & ponds--Colorado--Palmer Lake--1890-1900.
    • August 30, 1897
    • Midland Terminal Ry. 2-8-0 #59 Colorado Springs, Colo.

    • View of Midland Terminal Railway locomotive number 59 in a field bordered by trees in Colorado Springs (El Paso County), Colorado. The engineer looks out of the cab window at a railroad worker and a railroad signal.
    • Midland Terminal Railway--1940-1950.; Colorado Springs (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Railroad locomotives--Colorado--Colorado Springs--1940-1950.
    • 1946 September 19
    • A farm home in the Shovano Valley near Montrose

    • A father, mother, and three baby girls stand outside their two story home in the Shavano Valley, near Montrose, Colorado. The house is bordered by a small yard and a fence. Trees surround the area on the outside of the fence.
    • Montrose (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Families--Colorado--Montrose--1890-1910.; Houses--Colorado--Montrose--1890-1910.; Infants--Colorado--Montrose--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910]
    • Stone school house, 1901

    • The granite Central City school was completed in 1870 and was one of the oldest permanent school buildings in Colorado. It has a flat roof with four chimneys, a cornice, tall, narrow arched windows with decorative brickwork, wide, overhanging...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Schools--Colorado--Central City--1900-1910.
    • 1901
    • Elkhorn, Colorado

    • View along a dirt road in Elkhorn, Colorado includes a two story false front building, single story log cabin with balustrade and open front porch, and a single story log cabin with chinking; rangeland bordered by fencing surrounds the area.
    • Elkhorn (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Roads--Colorado--Elkton--1910-1920.
    • 1918
    • Espinosa graves, cemetery, La Garita, Colorado

    • View of the Espinosa graves, in the Catholic cemetery, in La Garita, Saguache county, Colorado shows a cemetery plot bordered by a metal tube fence containing a large flat slab with a smaller engraved metal plaque at the base and a replica of...
    • La Garita (Colo.)--1970-1980.; Cemeteries--Colorado--La Garita--1970-1980.
    • March 19, 1974
    • View of Georgetown, Colorado

    • A view of Georgetown, Colorado, northeast, toward Saxon and Griffith Mountains. This section of the town is bordered by the railroad, which runs along the base of the mountains and then turns west. Light snow covers the scene. The neighborhood in...
    • Georgetown (Colo.)--1890-1900.
    • [between 1890 and 1900.]
    • Nevadaville, Colorado

    • Unpaved Main Street is bordered by commercial, clapboard storefronts with false fronts and cornices in Nevadaville, Colorado (also known as Bald Mountain, Nevada, and Nevada City), a small town located in Gilpin County. The "Bald Mt. Post Office"...
    • Nevadaville (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Business districts--Colorado--Nevadaville--1930-1940.; Post offices--Colorado--Nevadaville--1930-1940.
    • 1934 September 9
    • Central City, Colorado banks

    • Facade of the First National Bank Building, erected 1874, Central City, Colorado. The Victorian, brick building is bordered by Main, Pine and Eureka Streets. The building has large, arched windows on the lower level and small rectangular-shaped...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Banks--Colorado--Central City--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910]
    • Hanging Lake

    • View of a lake bordered by trees, possible Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
    • Lakes & ponds--Colorado--1880-1900.
    • [between 1886 and 1901]
    • Hanging Lake?

    • View of a mountain lake bordered by trees, possibly Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
    • Lakes & ponds--Colorado--1880-1900.
    • [between 1886 and 1901]
    • Pine Street, Central City streets

    • Winter view looking south on Pine Street in Central City, Colorado. The dirt road is covered with slush and bordered by snow on both sides. A white, wood-construction house, which stands above a stone retaining wall, has a peaked roof, and...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1960-1990.; Streets--Colorado--Denver--1960-1990.
    • [between 1969 and 1990?]
    • Hanging Lake?

    • View of a mountain lake bordered by trees, possibly Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
    • Lakes & ponds--Colorado--1880-1900.
    • [between 1886 and 1901]
    • Colorado School of Mines

    • View along 16th (Sixteenth) Street called "College Avenue," with homes razed in the 1940s for campus expansion of the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Jefferson County. Kadafar Commons, an open grassy area lined with bare trees bordered by...
    • Golden (Colo.)--1900-1910.; Universities & colleges--Colorado--Golden--1900-1910.; Colorado School of Mines.
    • [between 1906 and 1908]
    • Residence in Denver

    • Rounded arches top two bands of windows on the second level of a large stone house in Denver, Colorado. The house has a large front porch that extends the length of the house. The property is bordered by a stone wall. Trees stand in the foreground...
    • Denver (Colo.)--1890-1910.; Houses--Colorado--Denver--1890-1910.
    • [between 1890 and 1910?]
    • Big Snake and Sweet Grass

    • A group of Native American (Oglala Sioux) women, Sweet Grass, Chief Big Snake, and white men, pose near and on a covered wagon in Morrison, Jefferson County, Colorado. The women wear moccasins, beaded and fringed dresses and shawls, and beaded...
    • Dakota Indians--Colorado--Morrison--1940-1950.; Indians of North America--Colorado--Morrison--1940-1950.; Oglala Indians--Colorado--Morrison--1940-1950.; Morrison (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Carts & wagons--Colorado--Morrison--1940-1950.; Clothing &...
    • 1947
    • Central City, Colorado

    • View of valley and Central City, Colorado, from the southwest. In the foreground is a dirt road bordered by a barbed wire fence. The city is in the valley and the Teller House and St. Mary's Church are visible in the center of the photograph. The...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1900-1940.
    • [between 1900 and 1935?]
    • Spring Street, Central City streets

    • Panoramic view of Spring Street in Central City, Colorado; shows Spring Street and the road to Nevadaville. The lower part of the street is surrounded by mines and mills, and the upper part of the street is bordered by houses. The treeless hills...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1900-1920.; Streets--Colorado--Central City--1900-1920.
    • [between 1900 and 1920?]]
    • Home in Trinidad

    • This three-story Victorian residence on a corner in Trinidad, Colorado has an octagonal tower with a faceted roof and a bull's eye window. A second floor balustraded balcony has a semicircular bay with a conical roof that adjoins the tower. The...
    • Architecture, Victorian--Colorado--Trinidad--1960-1970.; Trinidad (Colo.)--1960-1970.; Houses--Colorado--Trinidad--1960-1970.
    • May 21, 1969
    • Pitkin

    • View of a single story, false front building, Pitkin, Gunnison County, Colorado, with a rectangular, double-hung window on either side of the single-leaf door and horizontal clapboard siding, bordered by plank sidewalks.
    • Pitkin (Colo.)--1930-1970.; Buildings--Colorado--Pitkin--1930-1970.
    • [between 1933 and 1970]
    • Post Office, Denver

    • Marble United States Post Office building in downtown Denver, Colorado (designed by the New York firm of Tracy, Swartwout and Litchfield with the Treasury Department supervising architect James Knox Taylor; opened in 1916) on the block bordered by...
    • Denver (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Post offices--Colorado--Denver--1910-1920.; Streets--Colorado--Denver--1910-1920.
    • [between 1916 and 1920]
    • Aspen 1935 - since torn down

    • View of Henry B. Gillespie's house built in 1881 on Hallam Street in Aspen, Colorado; features elements of Carpenter Gothic style architecture including high gables, decorative bargeboard, finials, and roof cresting; house has cross gables, two...
    • Gillespie, Henry B.--Homes & haunts.; Architecture, Gothic--Colorado--Aspen--1930-1940.; Aspen (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Houses--Colorado--Aspen--1930-1940.
    • Eldorado Springs

    • The waters of South Boulder Creek flow over a dam and are bordered by the vertical walls of Eldorado Canyon, near Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Visitors are along the shores of the creek.
    • Eldorado Canyon (Colo.)--1930-1950.; Eldorado Springs (Colo.)--1930-1950.; Dams--Colorado--Eldorado Springs--1940-1960.; Streams--Colorado--Eldorado Springs--1940-1960.
    • [between 1933 and 1950]
    • Boulder

    • South Boulder Creek is bordered to the south by steep rock walls, and to the north by residences and a man in an automobile of 1930s vintage. The creek is located in Boulder County, Colorado.
    • Boulder County (Colo.)--1930-1950.; South Boulder Creek (Colo.)--1930-1950.; Streams--Colorado--Boulder County--1930-1950.
    • [between 1933 and 1950]
    • Windows of First Plymouth Congregational Church, Denver, Colorado

    • Book created by Rev. Raymond A Waser regarding the significance of the windows in the First Plymouth Congregational Church in Denver, Colorado.
    • Glass painting and staining.; Christian art and symbolism.; Church architecture.; First Plymouth Congregational Church (Denver, Colo.)
    • 1943
    • Groceries and provisions store

    • View of a storefront in Georgetown, Colorado, probably on Sixth (6th, Alpine) Street. The wood false front building has "Groceries and Provisions" written the width of the building above the door. The front door is recessed and "Chas. W. Pollard,...
    • Georgetown (Colo.)--1870-1900.; Stores & shops--Colorado--Georgetown--1870-1900.; Window displays--Colorado--Georgetown--1870-1900.; Barrett, George.; Strouse, Sam.
    • [between 1870 and 1900?]
    • Denver City and County Building

    • Shows pedestrians walking on a mall which is bordered by the Denver Public Library to the north, the Denver City and County Building to the west, and an unidentified, never constructed building to the south, Denver, Colorado.
    • City and County Building (Denver, Colo.)--1920-1930.; Denver Public Library--1920-1930.; Civic Center (Denver, Colo.)--1920-1930.; Denver (Colo.)--1920-1930.; City & town halls--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.; Libraries--Colorado--Denver--1920-1930.
    • [1929?]
    • Mount Rainier from North Fort Lewis, Washington

    • View of snow-capped Mount Rainer taken from North Fort Lewis, Washington. White army barracks and parked cars line a flat open field bordered by pine trees in the distance. One person is visible walking toward the nearest building. The 87th...
    • Rainier, Mount (Wash.)--1940-1950.; Soldiers--Washington (State)--Mount Rainier--1940-1950.; United States. Army. Mountain Infantry Regiment, 87th.; United States. Army. Mountain Division, 10th.
    • Spring 1942
    • House on Eureka St., Central City, 1953

    • A gothic revival home along Eureka Street in Central City, Colorado, is built above a masonry retaining wall. The L-shaped, one and one-half story, clapboard house has a gabled roof, a stovepipe chimney, and rectangular windows with shutters on...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1950-1960.; Buildings--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Houses--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Streets--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.
    • 1953
    • Leadville Opera House scenery project, 1933

    • Photoprint of a watercolor of the Leadville, Colorado's Tabor Opera House's original scenery. Painted by Muriel Wolle as part of her University of Colorado scenery project, the painting has four elements, with the two pairs stacked and each pair...
    • Tabor Opera House--1930-1940.; Leadville (Colo.)--1930-1940.; Interiors.; Opera houses--Colorado--Leadville--1930-1940.; Theaters--Colorado--Leadville--1930-1940.; Theatrical productions--1930-1940.; Wolle, Muriel Sibell, 1898-1977.
    • [1933]
    • Eureka Street, Central City streets

    • Winter on upper Eureka Street in Central City, Colorado; the street is bordered by a dry-masonry wall. The wall was built by Cornish craftsmen, probably in the nineteenth century. Snow covers the top of the wall, which is entirely built without...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Masonry--Colorado--Central City--1940-1950.; Stone walls--Colorado--Central City--1940-1950.
    • 1941
    • First National Bank, Central City

    • View of facade of the First National Bank building and the Teller House in Central City. The block is bordered by Pine, Eureka, and Main Streets. A strong shadow is cast against the buildings. The bank is a brick, Victorian structure with large,...
    • Central City (Colo.)--1950-1960.; Banks--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Hotels--Colorado--Central City--1950-1960.; Teller House (Central City, Colo.)
    • 1953
    • Boulder, Colorado

    • View looking down a concrete sidewalk bordered by a stone retaining wall in the city of Boulder, Colorado in Boulder County. Evergreen and deciduous trees in yards.
    • Boulder (Colo.)--1950-1960.
    • Plateau Creek, Plateau Valley, Colo. Midland Ry.

    • View of Plateau Creek in Plateau Valley, Mesa County, Colorado, reached via Colorado Midland Railway; rushing stream is bordered by cottonwoods.
    • Mesa County (Colo.)--1910-1920.; Plateau Creek (Colo.); Plateau Valley (Colo.); Colorado Midland Railway Company.
    • [1911?]
    • Ironton - 1942

    • A two story wooden and log cabin in Ironton, Colorado, features a front gable, horizontal board siding, a bay window on the first floor, tar paper roofing, chinking, and a shed attachment. A small yard is bordered by a horizontal board fence....
    • Ironton (Colo.)--1940-1950.; Houses--Colorado--Ironton--1940-1950.
    • 1942


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